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I don’t often write about it in the context of this blog, but yoga has been a key part of my life since I was a teenager and is one of the practices that I credit with helping me live well with Crohn’s disease and multiple complications related to it. It is such an organic and intertwined part of who I am, that I don’t even think to mention it when people ask me for advice on how to cope with a new diagnosis, a worsening of symptoms, or just surviving every day life with a chronic illness!

I am fortunate that I discovered yoga several years before I became ill and developed a robust practice while I was still a teenager. Even when I was very weak after having seven surgeries between 2007 and 2009 and unable to do much in the way of physical practice, I was still able to tap into the mindfulness of yoga, and then returning to regular yoga classes helped me regain strength and more importantly, reconnect with my body in a way that helped me heal both physically and emotionally.

In 2011 I completed a 200 hour holistic yoga teacher training program, partly to deepen my own yoga practice but also because I wanted to share that gift of healing with others. After getting laid off from my corporate job in 2013, I devoted my energy to being a full time yoga teacher for a few months but quickly found that to be exhausting, both in body and in mind. Today, I am back to working full time in literacy education and teach just three classes a week at my local community recreation center. I also practice daily, either at home or in a class setting at a local studio. That seems to be the perfect balance for me as a teacher and as a student and has allowed me to maintain my physical health, but more importantly is key to managing stress of daily living and of having a chronic disease, which in turn plays a role in keeping flares of Crohn’s disease at bay!

I encourage everyone dealing with a health challenge or other life stress to give yoga a try, but I also realize that there are often many obstacles in the way of making that a reality. You might not live in an area where there are qualified teachers or classes available. Or you might be physically unable to participate in a group class. Or perhaps you are intimidated by the thought of going into a yoga studio or gym. Or maybe you have tried the yoga classes or videos that are available and felt like they were missing the healing focus you personally need. I totally get it. For a long time I have wished that there was some teacher or resource I could refer people to and have even been approached by other teachers who wanted me to promote their services, but I just never found what I thought would be right for my readers.

So, I was excited when I discovered a new, fully online offering from a registered yoga teacher that is specifically focused on using yoga to help heal the body and mind. The service launched at the beginning of the month, but I wanted to take my time checking it out first before I committed to endorsing it. I have spent the last few weeks reviewing Yoga for Healing, presented by registered yoga teacher Tera Bucasas, and now feel totally confident recommending it to anyone who wants to explore yoga’s healing properties at their own pace and in the privacy of their own home.

What I like best about Yoga for Healing…

  • It is specifically designed for people who are on a healing journey. It isn’t a regular yoga program with modifications; it is a yoga program designed from the ground up for people like you and me who are committed to healing and living as well as we can with our chronic illness.
  • It is holistic. While it will definitely help you increase your strength and flexibility, it is also very much about your mind and your spirit – the whole you!
  • Tera is your guide throughout and she has been where you are. Like me, yoga was part of her life before she got sick and she experienced that deep sense of loss when it seemed like her life changed overnight.
  • You get to personalize the program to meet your unique needs. You really have Tera by your side as your personal teacher. And it isn’t just videos. It also includes printable resources and journal pages, which is not something you get if you go to a group class or play a typical workout video.
  • It is a one time investment with lifetime access.  You can return to the videos as many times as you want!

Meet Tera in this interview about healing

The best way to decide if Yoga for Healing is for you is to check it out for yourself. Tera has put together a great web page here that introduces herself and the program she has built for you.

Click here to learn more about Yoga for Healing!

If you do decide to enroll, I’d love to hear how your yoga healing journey is going! Please send me a message, connect with me on social media, or post a comment here.

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