When I first heard of frozen meal delivery companies like Paleo On the Go, I was skeptical. After all, I enjoy cooking and am pretty good at it, so why would I pay money to have somebody else do it for me? Then my job suddenly started requiring a great deal more overnight travel and at the same time I got confirmation that the digestive symptoms I’d been trying so hard to ignore as they slowly but steadily got worse were indeed due to active Crohn’s disease. When I made the decision to go back to an elimination phase paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) reset and try to get everything back under control, I realized that my challenge was going to be staying compliant while traveling with the least amount of stress and the best tasting possible food! And that’s when I realized that paleo frozen meal delivery was actually a service almost anyone can benefit from… even me!

That lead me to investigate the paleo meal delivery options available and quickly decided that Paleo On the Go looked like the winner because they have a huge selection of AIP compliant menu items (at last count, that was 49 different options). I had previously been introduced to their services by my blogging friend Eileen Laird when she arranged for them to provide the food at a retreat she hosted for a group of fellow AIP bloggers and have since become a regular customer. I was so impressed with the quality of the food and how much it helped me, that I also signed up to become one of their affiliates* in order to help spread the word.

*DISCLAIMER: Being an “affiliate” means that I get a small commission on every sale that goes through this personal link or that uses the discount code GUTSY to receive 10% off. This relationship benefits all of us because it provides an income stream that supports my blogging efforts, helps Paleo On the Go keep their marketing costs down, and keeps my loyal readers informed of a valuable tool for following AIP. 

4 favorite AIP meals

Since September I have placed six different orders and have now tried virtually every meal and side dish on the extensive Paleo On the Go AIP menu and can honestly say that I have enjoyed everything. All of the items are flavorful and clearly crafted with love (more on that later), but I do have a few favorites so what follows is my personal greatest hits list.

1. Citrus Ginger Salmon

Citrus Ginger Salmon with Riced Cauliflower

I rarely cook salmon at home, in part because Mr. Gutsy is not a fan of fish of any kind, but also because it intimidates me! It seems so easy to overcook and yet I don’t really like it rare either. That’s why I have been so impressed with the citrus ginger salmon from Paleo On the Go. It is flavorful without being overly “fishy” and perfectly moist. It is good gently heated, but I also really like it cold so it is a good option for lunch on the go when I am away on business trips and don’t have the opportunity to heat my food. Learn more here.

Jaime’s tip: Pair it with the riced cauliflower for a complete meal – both are great either warm or cold.

2. Grassfed Beef Taco Kit with Salsa Verde

Grassfed Beef Tacos with Salsa Verde

I used to dream about reintroducing nightshades primarily so I could enjoy a tomatillo-based salsa verde again, but now that I have discovered Paleo On the Go’s AIP salsa verde I no longer do! Don’t let the relatively high price tag of this meal scare you off. It is quite hearty and would actually feed two people with moderate appetites. In this picture you see me enjoying it in a hotel room for breakfast on a day when I knew that lunch might be impossible to squeeze in and therefore needed to hold me over until dinner, which it did quite well. The dish comes as a kit, with the beef, tortillas, and salsa all packaged separately. Learn more here.

Jaime’s Tip: The directions say to warm the tortillas in an oven, but I don’t usually have access to one when I travel. You can quickly zap them in the microwave to make them slightly warm and pliable, or just leave out at room temperature overnight. If you are using a Hot Logic Mini oven to warm the meat, you can just place the package of tortillas on top of the tray before you zip it up… that is my favorite method of all!

3. Sweet Potato Hash with Breakfast Sausage

Sweet Potato Hash with Breakfast Sausage

You have to give up a lot of favorite and familiar breakfast foods on AIP, so it is a treat to have a fully compliant meal like this to enjoy when I am on the road. After eating this sweet potato hash for breakfast, the buffets in even the nicest hotels look pretty unappealing! Paleo On the Go makes its own sausage so it doesn’t contain any sugar or non-compliant spices, yet it has a delicious flavor and the balanced combination of carbs, protein, and fat keep me satisfied for hours. Learn more here.

Jaime’s tip: You can microwave this if you want, or use a Hot Logic Mini to heat it up. I put it in before I go to bed and like magic, it is perfectly warm when I wake up! You can buy the Hot Logic Mini on Amazon, or you can buy directly from the manufacturer and use coupon code GUTSY to get 20% off.

4. Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

Last but not least, the ultimate comfort food has to be a pot pie! Paleo On the Go has had chicken and beef varieties on their menu for a while and now they are rolling out a turkey version as well. You could make your own if want (try my recipe!), but it is a serious time commitment. These taste just as good as homemade and no one would ever guess they are AIP! They absolutely need to be cooked in a regular oven, so that means I don’t bring them on business trips when I only have a microwave or maybe a stovetop available, but I always add one or two to my order so that I have one when I get home and have an empty refrigerator and no time to grocery shop. Learn more here.

Jaime’s tip: I like my crust extra brown and crispy, so I usually bake them even longer than the 45 – 60 minutes suggested by the label.

5 more reasons to love Paleo On the Go

When the folks at Paleo On the Go found out that we travel to the Tampa, Florida area every year for Christmas to visit Mr. Gutsy’s parents, they invited us to visit them and get a behind the scenes tour of their facility in Largo, Florida. While we were there, we got to meet the people behind the food and enjoy an incredible meal, specially prepared by Chef Ann Lotterhos, which brings us to reason #1 to love Paleo On the Go…

1. A classically trained and experienced chef runs the kitchen

Chef Ann is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has cooked in restaurants around the world. After getting her start in a classical French kitchen in New York City, she moved on to Maui where she perfected Pacific Rim and Hawaiian cuisines, mastered Caribbean and Puerto Rican cuisines as an executive chef at a resort in Puerto Rico, and owned her own Cajun Creole New Orleans restaurant. On the day we visited, she prepared us a feast that included mojo pork with tostones, moo shu duck with hoisin sauce, turmeric cauli-rice, and a sneak preview of a special AIP dessert that will debut on the Paleo On the Go menu soon.

Our special pre-Christmas feast!

2. The food is hand crafted with love

Sales and Marketing Director Takara Fuller and Sales Development Manager Kim Wynn gave us a tour of the entire facility, including the packaging area, the bakery, the kitchen, the freezers, and their offices. I loved seeing all of it, but my favorite part was meeting the people whose hands lovingly craft the food that fuels me and keeps me in top health while I focus on my other responsibilities.

3. Quality paleo ingredients for your health

After our tour, Paleo On the Go’s Chief Operations Officer Mark Roark joined us for lunch. We enjoyed hearing all about the business side of the operation, including the food sourcing. Marc said that when they source as much organic produce as possible, following the guidance of the Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list from the Environmental Working Group. They also share my belief that animal protein is a key part of a healing diet, provided it is from healthy animals that are fed their traditional diets so they don’t need antibiotics, and use only proteins from companies that share that philosophy. Paleo on the Go does not use highly processed vegetable oil, industrial seed oils, or any oils that are easily damaged by high heat. Instead they use stable and minimally processed cooking oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and rendered fat from healthy animals. While the air of most commercial kitchens includes at least a faint hint of rancid fryer oil, the aroma of the kitchen here is one of clean and enticing food.

Words cannot convey how delicious this smelled!

4. They get what it means to be 100% AIP

Paleo On the Go is the only frozen meal delivery service that really understands the requirements of the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP). The kitchen is exclusively gluten free and the only dairy on the premises is organic ghee. They have worked with Sarah Ballantyne, medical researcher and author of The Paleo Approach, to insure that all of the dishes on the AIP menu are 100% compliant with the elimination phase of the protocol, which means they don’t contain nightshades, eggs, nuts, or seeds in addition to the standard paleo template of eliminating grains, dairy, and legumes. All ingredients are listed on the website for each menu item, so you know what to avoid if you have additional sensitivities or which of the non-AIP dishes you can have if you have reintroduced some foods. And because they offer an “a la carte” menu, you will always be able to select just the items that work for you instead of being stuck with a one-size-fits-all meal plan.

I see some of my favorites!

5. They are always innovating

Chef Ann and her team are always working on and testing new recipes to add to the menu so that regular repeat customers like myself will have new tastes to look forward to and special seasonal items, all while producing our familiar favorites.

As a frozen meal delivery service, it is also important that the freezing process and packaging retains the quality of the food while also being convenient for us consumers to heat and enjoy. Takara and Kim shared with us that they do lots of testing, including bringing dishes home to verify how well different methods work in real home kitchens. This testing led them to invest in in-house label printing so they can make changes to labels easily and new packaging equipment that lets you heat your meal directly in the container, which is going to be so nice for me when I am in a standard hotel room (no more paper plates or figuring out how to rip open the vacuum seal bag with my teeth!). The new trays are both microwave and oven safe, work beautifully in the Hot Logic Mini oven, and are recyclable. They also stack nicely in the refrigerator or freezer at home, so it is easy to organize and keep an eye on what’s left in your stash. The only (minor) drawback from my perspective is that the vacuum seal packages take up less space, which I appreciate when I am trying to cram many of them in my suitcase, but I’m sure I will be able to adapt.

Try one of my Paleo On the Go AIP favorites on me!

As I mentioned above, I am an affiliate for Paleo On the Go, which means that I get a small commission on any orders placed through the links on Gutsy By Nature. One benefit of that arrangement is that I get to also offer you an exclusive discount code. The code is GUTSY and will give you 10% off (one time use).

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