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Get started or go deeper with AIP this spring!

Why does January get all the attention for resolutions and self improvement? In my mind, spring is a much better season to “turn over a new leaf,” as the saying goes. And if you have been thinking about making a commitment to your autoimmune health by either starting the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) or recommitting and going even deeper with your healing, I want to share with you two tremendous opportunities and make sure you know that if you act now, you’ll be able to lock in “early bird” savings.

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NOTE: If you are a health coach or medical provider and want to help your clients or patients heal through AIP, be sure read to the end of this post to learn about how you can become a Certified AIP Coach like me.

Are you interested in transitioning to AIP?

I am proud to once again be one of the coaches, alongside AIP pioneer and my mentor, Angie Alt, in her program SAD to AIP in Six. This is a transformative, six-week, online, group health coaching program created for people who are currently eating an ordinary standard diet (that’s what the “SAD” refers to) and want support transitioning to the full elimination phase of the autoimmune protocol.

It’s also the only AIP group health coaching program with proven clinical results. The program was used in a medical study in 2016 on patients with the inflammatory bowel diseases Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and 73% of study participants achieved clinical remission at the end of the six weeks (and that’s when the study stopped… it is unknown how many of the remaining people might have reached remission given a little more time).

Ready Set AIP - Your on ramp to the Autoimmune Protocol lifestyle

73%, people!! When a drug shows that kind of efficacy for a complicated chronic condition like IBD, it makes huge news and quickly becomes standard of care. I dug into these results when they were first released and what made me most excited was to see how many of the participants had been living with their condition for many years and tried many drugs already but still were having active disease. I wasn’t surprised that was the case, because that was exactly my experience when I was at my rock bottom with Crohn’s disease in 2013 and discovered AIP, but I was glad to see that replicated.

Of course, AIP isn’t just for people with IBD. I personally have worked with people who have found improvement and better management of other very serious autoimmune conditions, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.

If you are interested in joining Angie and me in the next SAD to AIP in Six group, register before March 15 and get early bird pricing. Click here to “meet” Angie and to learn more about the program.

Are you already following AIP and interested in going deeper?

The leading authority on the protocol, Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., is launching her second session of the AIP Lecture Series this spring. This is a version of the training that I received to become a Certified AIP Coach, specifically designed for the “layperson.” If you have followed Sarah at all on her blog The Paleo Mom, you know that she is passionate about the scientific reasoning behind this protocol and explaining it in a way that ordinary people can understand. She’s geared this program toward people who are living with autoimmune diseases and their caregivers.

If you have already been through SAD to AIP in Six, or if you made the transition on your own, think of this as “advanced training.” Or, if you are the sort of person who really needs to know the reason why in order to get the motivation to take the leap, this could be a great introduction to the autoimmune protocol.

The AIP Lecture Series is also a six week program and it is video based, featuring lectures taught by Dr. Ballantyne herself, and includes printable guides, a companion Facebook group, and much more.

If you are interested in learning why this protocol delivers such incredible results, register for the lecture series before March 4 and get early bird pricing. Click here to “meet” Dr. Ballantyne and to learn more about the program.


Are you a practitioner and interested in becoming a Certified AIP Coach?

I am a proud alumna of the first class of Certified AIP Coach, taught by Sarah Ballantyne, Angie Alt, and Mickey Trescott in 2017 and was honored to be asked to join the team as a co-teacher for the class that will begin on March 26 this year. This intensive online program runs for 8 weeks and will give you all the tools you need to help your clients or patients with autoimmune diseases reach new levels of wellness.

If you have any questions about what the training is like or how I have used this new certification to grow my business, feel free to contact me via email. If you want to learn more or enroll now, click here to meet the team. If you do enroll, please let them know that Jaime Hartman referred you. I can’t wait to work with you!


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