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The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally

In recent months I’ve made a major overhaul in my diet and am feeling fantastic, but the one area of good health that has remained elusive to me is quality sleep. Some nights I have trouble falling asleep, other nights I nod off right away but then wake up a few hours later and can’t fall back asleep. I toss and turn, I start to count the hours of sleep I’d get if I could just fall asleep right now, I start thinking of it in terms of trying to fall asleep (a sure way to insure that I won’t!), and eventually I give in to the temptation of my iPhone charging next to my bed to entertain me until I either finally feel groggy or it is time to get up.

After yet another restless night, I decided it is time to make a dedicate effort to get my sleep dialed in just as well as my diet is. But I didn’t have any idea where to start and wanted to turn to an expert. That’s where Emily Benfit’s e-book The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally comes in!

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the sleep solution


Emily’s book starts with the science of sleep, covers the causes of insomnia, how circadian rhythms work, information on supplements like kratom, tips for setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep, and SOS for what to do when you wake up in the middle of the night. I am impressed with the level of detail she goes into and the practical way she applies the science to real life. Now I just need to apply it to mine!

Starting tonight, I’m going to begin applying the principals in her book and will report back in a couple weeks on my progress. In the mean time, you can embark on your own experiment to end insomnia naturally and order The Sleep Solution!

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