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My Favorite New Cookbooks for the Paleo Lifestyle 2016 (plus a GIVEAWAY!)

2016 is almost over, which means it is time to unveil my top 10 list of favorite paleo cookbooks of the year! It’s no secret that I’m a cookbook addict. I have even been known to take them to bed with me… yes, I read them like novels. If I’m truly honest with myself, I might even admit that I use the existence of this blog and my readership as an excuse to enable my addiction. “I must purchase that book,” I tell myself, “my readers will want to know if it is a good one or not!”

Ready Set AIP - Your on ramp to the Autoimmune Protocol lifestyle

UPDATE 1/1/2017: The giveaway has now ended. Congratulations to Courtney W.! Be sure to check your email and reply so that I can send you your prize!

To celebrate the giving season and to thank you for another year of continued support (and enablement of my habit), I am giving one lucky reader a book from this list (your choice), plus a $25 Amazon gift certificate for you to get any other books, ingredients, or kitchen gadgets you need to get 2016 off to a delicious and healthy start.

To enter, you must do the following before the end of the year (midnight EST December 31, 2016):

  1. Click on the title or the Amazon link below to view the cookbook(s) that sound most appealing to you. Check out the description, the reviews, and the look inside feature (if available).
  2. Then, come back here and write a comment on this post telling me which book you want to win and WHY!
  3. Verify your entry using the Rafflecopter widget. This is important because I will be using the Rafflecopter “random number generator” feature to select the winner.
  4. OPTIONAL – Verifying your comment will unlock additional opportunities to enter.

NOTE: If selected as the winner, you will need to provide a US shipping address to receive the physical cookbook and a valid email address to get the Amazon gift certificate. If you do not have a US shipping address or prefer a digital book, you can opt to receive the Kindle or ebook version instead.

The winner will be notified on New Year’s Day via email and announced on this post.

Now, on to the list… my 10 favorites, in chronological order by release date.

Best Cookbooks for the Paleo Lifestyle 2016

A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol by Eileen Laird (CreateSpace Independent, December 2015)

This first book doesn’t exactly fit on this list because it is not actually a cookbook and it was published at the end of 2015, but I wanted to include it anyway because it is the book that I have recommended most often over the course of 2016 when I meet people who are looking to adopt a dietary approach to managing autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s disease. It is a concise guide, written in an easy and comforting style, and yet it covers everything you need to know about the protocol that has helped me so much. It includes grocery lists, meal planning tips, and advice for traveling and eating out at restaurants, navigating holiday traditions, getting support from family and friends and more. Eileen also includes guidance for the food reintroduction process, which you start once you’ve seen a clear improvement in your autoimmune symptoms, and troubleshooting tips if you aren’t seeing the improvement you seek.

Ditch the Wheat by Carol Lovett (Victory Belt, February 2016)

Each of the 120 gluten-free recipes in this book has a beautiful photo and an engaging and purposeful graphic design, including a graphical indicator on the recipe page as to whether or not the dish is egg, dairy, and/or nut free, so it is easy for people with sensitivities to these common allergens to filter out the recipes that will work for them.The recipes themselves are tasty and very easy to prepare. You can find all the ingredients in your regular grocery store and even kitchen beginners will find the recipes straightforward and Carol’s directions easy to follow.

The New Yiddish Kitchen: Gluten-Free and Paleo Kosher Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day by Simone Miller & Jennifer Robins (Victory Belt, March 2016)

Jewish or not, if you are looking for paleo-friendly replacements for some of your favorite classic dishes like matzo balls, bagels, brisket, latkes, and much more, you will love this cookbook! A lovely touch is the inclusion of photos of Jennifer’s and Simone’s own bubbes and “Bubbe’s cooking tips” for each recipe. My personal favorite is this “tip” for the salmon gefilte fish recipe: “What, it’s too much work for you? In my day, the recipe started with ‘catch a fish,’ so quit your kvetching!”

Naturally Sweet Food in Jars: 100 Preserves Made with Coconut, Maple, Honey, and More by Marissa McClellan (Running Press, March 2016)

This book is an intersection of two passions of mine – home preserving and eating a whole foods diet. I have followed Marisa’s blog since I first decided to turn an over abundance of strawberries into something I could give to family and friends five years ago and got hooked on jam making. But the mountains of refined white sugar most recipes required always gave me pause, so I was really excited to see that her third book focused on using natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and more.

Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen: Wholesome Master Recipes for Bone, Vegetable, and Seafood Broths and Meals to Make with Them by Jennifer McGruther (10 Speed Press, May 2016)

I am a big fan of the Nourished Kitchen blog and new I would love this latest book, which focuses specifically on making broth and stock and recipes that use these ancestral and nutrient dense foods. Not every recipe is strictly “paleo,” but everyone will appreciate the creativity and flavor and find something here to inspire them.

Simple French Paleo: Flavorful Allergen-Free Recipes for the Autoimmune Protocol by Sophie Van Tiggelen (CreateSpace Independent, May 2016)

This book wins the prize for most beautiful of the year! All of the mouth watering French recipes are completely compliant with the elimination phase of the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) and everything is easy enough for every day but also fancy enough to impress everyone you feed, even those who don’t follow a restrictive diet.

The Paleo Kids Cookbook: Transition Your Family to Delicious Grain- and Gluten-free Food for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating by Jennifer Robins (Page Street Publishing, September 2016)

I don’t know how Jennifer does it, but this super mom released two books this year and has a third one coming out in early 2017. Though they are all awesome, this is probably her very best work. The book has 100 grain and dairy free recipes that were clearly created by someone who knows what kids like and who understands how busy most moms and dads are today. Nothing requires hours of preparation or has huge and complicated ingredient lists. 

Paleo Soups & Stews: Over 100 Delectable Recipes for Every Season, Course, and Occasion by Simone Miller (Victory Belt, October 2016)

Now that the weather has turned cold, this book is becoming one of my favorites. Simone’s background as a chef really takes this book up a level and you get recipes for both comforting and recognizable bowls and more exotic flavors as well. The 105 recipes also include some for breads and noodles, all of which are still completely grain free.

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook: A DIY Guide to Living Well with Chronic Illness by Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt (Rodale, November 2016)

Mickey and Angie have been my heroes since I began this journey, and I’m happy that I now can also count them as personal friends. However, I swear it is not just my bias speaking when I say this book is an absolute treasure that everyone with an autoimmune condition needs to have! It is part cookbook, but it goes far beyond diet and introduces a complementary solution that focuses on seven key steps to recovery: inform, collaborate, nourish, rest, breathe, move, and connect.

Well Fed Weeknights: Complete Paleo Meals in 45 Minutes or Less by Melissa Joulwan (Greenleaf Book Group Press, November 2016)

Speaking of heroes, Mel Joulwan is a hero to many in the home cooking and real food movements. Her first two books were bestsellers that inspired thousands during the peak years of the “paleo diet” trend and gave them practical tips and recipes for integrating scratch-cooking into busy lives. Her third book advances that mission and is organized around complete meals that you can get on the table in 45 minutes or less.

My Favorite Cookbooks for the Paleo Lifestyle 2016

Enter the giveaway!

Remember, to enter you need to do TWO things…

  1. Comment on this post. Tell me which book you want to win and why. For your entry to be accepted, your WHY must be specific. Click on the link and check out the Amazon reviews or the “look inside” feature if available to find out more about the book.
  2. Verify your entry using the Rafflecopter widget below. This is important because I will be using it’s random selection feature. You will also unlock additional opportunities to enter.

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66 replies on “My Favorite New Cookbooks for the Paleo Lifestyle 2016 (plus a GIVEAWAY!)”

Because I live with three chronic health issues. The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook: A DIY Guide to Living Well with Chronic Illness by Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt (Rodale, November 2016),

I would love to win paleo soups and stews because they are easier to digest for my Crohn’s and perfect for meal prepping as a busy medical student. The Yiddish kitchen cookbook also intrigues me because I see everyone making the delicious looking bagels!

So hard to choose! I know broth can be healing for the guy and I’d really like to get into making more soups so I’d go with Paleo Soups & Stews: Over 100 Delectable Recipes for Every Season, Course, and Occasion by Simone Miller. Yum!

I’d love to win the Wellfed book! I’m new to the AIP journey and I feel that this book will help me with preparing and eating delicious food. We are a busy family and this book would be a great resource for quick, delicious home cooked meals.

That is a hard decision! The Yiddish kitchen sounds so fun and different but I would love to learn more about making soups and stews, and I need new fast recipes from the Well Fed weeknight cook book for my busy family! Decisions decisions…. I think I would have to choose Well Fed Weeknights… I better stop looking before I change my mind. Ugh so hard! Too many good ones! 🙂

I love Eileen Liard’s Phoenix Helix podcasts. I’d choose her book since I could use a quick reference to have with me all the time.

But Mickey and Angie’s new AIP Wellness handbook supposedly has some great new tasty AIP recipes.

I can’t decide! Surprise me 🙂

So hard to choose but I would really love to win Ditch The Wheat it will be awesome to have it. And to make new recipes for my family. Thanks for the chance

Simple French Paleo has been on my wish list for a while now! I am in love with how beautiful the photos look and I’m obsessed with French food but don’t make it often since many traditional recipes are not paleo.

It’s a tough choice between Well Fed Weeknights and Paleo Soups & Stews, but I’m going to have to go with Well Fed Weeknights! I’m trying to reduce the amount of time I have to spend on daily “maintenance” tasks (like feeding myself) so I have more productive time each day to work towards my goals, and I think Mel’s book would be super helpful for that!

This is tough to choose as several are on my Christmas wish list!! Decided the one I want most is “Autoimmune Wellness Handbook”. Having 4 autoimmune disease I’m learning more and more I need to be not just be watching my diet closely but also my entire body/health. This book seems cover the overall health not just diet which seems like isn’t covered in all books. Interested in the understanding more of the 7 steps of recovery. Guess it’s would seem this books goes deeper and what I feel I’ve been looking for!!

I would love to win Naturally Sweet Food in Jars or Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen, since I already own a few of the others and these recipes would be in areas I haven’t yet explored in-depth on my healing journey.

I’d probably go with Ditch The Wheat because I’ve been a fan of Carol’s blog since I started paleo!! She always has interesting and delicious recipes.

It’s such a hard decision, but since I have to choose, I would like to get The Wellness Handbook because it goes beyond a cookbook and gives a holistic approach to autoimmune diseases which they definitely require. Everyone who has already started this journey or is thinking about it knows (or should) that it is not a simple diet but a lifestyle that requires an overall and drastic change.
I’m interested to find out about the author’s seven keys to wellness, but also their 4-week meal plan followed by a 90-day wellness programme because I’m a complete beginner in this and info I can get can sometimes be extremely overwhelming. This book seems like a bible to all of us AI warriors.
Good luck everyone!

Ooooo….have some of these and have had my eye on the others! I’d pick Simple French Paleo because the recipes sound like they include plenty of nutrient dense foods, which are key for my Crohn’s disease!

I really want to read Naturally Sweet Food in Jars. I love the idea of canning with less refined sugars and making healthier preserves.

I’d like Simple French Paleo: Flavorful Allergen-Free Recipes for the Autoimmune Protocol . I have a couple of autoimmune conditions and love French ccooking.

I would love love love to have the Autoimmune Wellness book! After miscarrying my first baby in March, I’ve recently found out I have an autoimmune disease amongst other things and I’ve completely begun to transform the way I eat and live. I’ve been staring at this book the last few weeks and would love to have it to help simplify my transifition and provide me with good info, and yummy food on this new road to health.

I’d love to win a copy of The New Yiddish Kitchen. I had it and a friend “borrowed” it — it’s really cool to be able to reproduce old favorites in a healthier manner.

I want Naturally Sweet Food in Jars: 100 Preserves Made with Coconut, Maple, Honey, and More. I am really wanting to learn and start preserving.

Paleo soups & stews is for sure a book in interested in getting. Bought an instant pot not too long ago and am looking for more reasons to use it everyday for soups and stews. This has been an awesome journey that i started back in July and cookbooks have definitely helped me along the way and made the transition so much more easier.

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook would be my pick. We are gluten, egg, and dairy free and very limited nuts. Autoimmune recipes are perfect for us.

Oh, this is easy! I’ve been drooling over my keyboard ever since I saw the “Simple French Paleo” book listing (before it came out, actually). My cookbook collection has lots of French cookbooks, many paleo cookbooks, but a melding of the two all in one beautifully photographed collection?!!? Swooooon . . .

I would love the Autoimmune Wellness Handbook because I have an autoimmune condition that I try to control through food and would love more ideas. Or I would take the Kids Paleo one since I have a toddler and we largely follow a paleo diet as a family.

I would love a copy of “Paleo Soups and Stews”. I am craving a nice warm bowl of soup and it looks like there are some unique flavors and delish breads to go along with them. I already have and love 2 of the other books on your list!!

Oh, WOW! I perused your selection of book covers and my eyes popped at “Simple French Paleo,” but I thought, “well, it’s probably not AIP.” I’m so glad I clicked on it anyway! Gosh, I’d love to win this book. Aside from overall health concerns, the worst part of having Crohn’s for me is wondering if I’ll ever be able to go to Paris again. (My tummy and heart ache every time my fiancée happens upon Julie & Julia on TV!) This cookbook looks as if it could give me a little taste of the most beautiful city on Earth. 🙂

The Broth and Stock cookbook sounds great as I’ve always wanted to use bone broth for soups but have no idea how to use it correctly. I believe this would keep me and my family healthier during the winter. Plus I love soups in cold weather…feels like it warms the soul!

It’s way to hard to choose! I want them all, if I had enough money I would buy all those and more! Thank you for this giveaway. If I had to pick it would be simple French paleo book. I’m starting over with aip again and this will be very useful and delicious!

I’d love Paleo Soups & Stews: Over 100 Delectable Recipes for Every Season, Course, and Occasion by Simone Miller because I love her and need to eat more soups

I just took a peak at The New Yiddish Kitchen. Well, I always say that the thing I miss the most is a good bagel! How fun would it be to make bagels at home!

I’d pick Paleo Soups & Stews: Over 100 Delectable Recipes for Every Season, Course, and Occasion, because I’ve wanted to get back to making more soups and stew, and this looks not only healthy, but so delicious.

I’d love to have the Paleo Kids cookbook, we don’t have kids, but there are lots of little ones in the extended family, so I’d love to be able to make stuff that we would all like/eat.

I’d love Naturally Sweet Food in Jars because I gave up preserving foods when I started following the paleo diet because of the large amounts of sugar involved. I’d love to learn a new way of preserving foods.

Would love Naturally Sweet Food in Jars because I have started doing a lot of canning and preserving to tie us through the winter and have been searching with no luck for recipes for canning without sugar so have not been able to can fruit but would absolutely love to be able to rather than dehydrating or freezing as we don’t have room in the freezer for all of the fruit! Now that we have moved to a new city where fresh fruit is harder to come by we are already planning a couple road trips to pick up fruit by the case load in the closest abundant farming area to us so we can have fresh healthy food throughout the year. This would be so great to have to help me put it all away for us to be able to enjoy.

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook: A DIY Guide to Living Well with Chronic Illness.

Because I refuse to let my Hashimoto’s define my life.

I would like to win “The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook: A DIY Guide to Living Well with Chronic Illness” by Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt. It looks like a great book for managing autoimmune issues (I have both Crohn’s and Ankylosing Spondylitis) holistically, rather than just trying to pick one aspect (diet, etc).

Simple French Paleo would be my first choice because some of my happiest memories before my diagnosis were spent studying abroad in France. I loved the food from Paris street cafes, patisseries, carts, to bistros in small towns along the northern coast. It looks like this book could help find a way to bring back some of that magical time when food was not yet a worry. Second, like most folks, the AIP Wellness is also tops my list. Although I struggle with my diet and my diagnosis, their books are always a source of comfort and guidance. I would be pleased with either (any) of these books.

I’d love to win Autoimmune Wellness Hanbook. I’ve recently been suffering from unexplained stomach issues. I’ve been to the doctor 8 times and have various tests ran. I’ve been told I’m “fine” and it’s “stress.” A friend recommended the AIP Paleo Approach book to me. I’ve read most of it but feel slightly overwhelmed. I’ve lost 20lbs in a month. I’m 29 with a 2 and 4 year old istuggle to find energy for. I’ve also recently developed new anxiety issues I’ve never once had trouble with- like going through automated car washes, flying, and being stuck in traffic. It’s really strange.

I would like the Simply French Paleo cookbook because I have seen this book on many websites and the recipes look awesome!

I’d pick Paleo Soups & Stews because I like Simone’s recipes, and I am also trying to get more broth into my diet!

After much deliberation I’ve decided on Well Fed Weeknights. I have her other 2 cookbooks and really enjoy her recipes. Also, I love how she gives time-saving tips and prep info for the week as I often work fairly late on weekdays.

My pick is Simple French Paleo! I have been following AIP for the past year and have made great strides in my overall health and I could not have done it without all the help from the AIP blogging and cookbook community! Sophie’s book looks so beautiful and her recipes sound delicious! I am always grateful for new recipes to keep my family as into good health as I am!!

I would like to win the new Well Fed cookbook. I sometimes spend 2-3 hours cooking and cleaning up from dinner. Would love to learn more tips and actually be able to make dinner is 45 minutes or less! Plus the book lists modifications for AIP. I already own 3 of the other books on your list. Simple French Paleo is great! Thanks for the giveaway!

I would love to win Simple French Paleo. My husband has autoimmune issues and I think I can get him on board by serving recipes from this book.

Simple French Paleo because it is AIP, new and I’m not sure I’d buy it because I’d be too intimidated by “French” cooking.

I would love the cookbook that would help me transition my family. I’m 3 months into the elimination phase. Trying to convince my 3 kids to eat my food has been challenging, to say the least. I need help! This is an extremely difficult process but one I know will be worth the time, patience and planning. Happy New Year!

I would love to win Simple French Paleo. This book caught my eye a couple months ago by the crepe cake on the cover. It isn’t available at the library so I haven’t been able to see it yet. I would to have more recipes to share unapologetically with non-AIP family and friends.

I would love Paleo Soups & Stews – my family loves both and I can learn more ways to incorporate bone broth into our routine.

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