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30 Days of Gratitude – Wrapup

Every day this month I took time to reflect upon my life and note at least one thing for which I was grateful. I shared this moments of gratitude on my Facebook page and enjoyed seeing the same from others. For posterity sake, here is my complete

Crohn’s Disease and Omega-3 Fatty Acid: How Much Do I Need?

The role of omega-3 fatty acids (that’s the stuff in fish oil pills) in the prevention and treatment Crohn’s disease is definitely not settled, both among conventional physicians and alternative medical providers, so the answer to how much omega-3 we need to be consuming is not easily

30 Days of Gratitude, Week 3

Seriously, where is November going! I can’t believe we are already 21 days into the month! Here are my day 16-21 moments of gratitude, as I posted them on the Facebook page… Day 16: I’m grateful for my education, including my degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

The Gluten Summit – Encore Day!

Today is encore day for the Gluten Summit, hosted by Dr. Tom O’Bryan. Eight of the most popular presentations from the previous eight days are available for you to watch for free for just 24 hours. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hear some of the world’s

30 Days of Gratitude – Week 2

This has been such a good experience for me this month. I’ve been busy with work and other obligations, and had all the usual stress that entails, plus I’ve had my moments of getting frustrated with my restricted diet and a day where I didn’t feel very

AIP for Crohn’s Disease: What to eat when you aren’t feeling so hot

This post was supposed to be a 90-day update when I told you all about how good I was doing on the autoimmune paleo protocol (AIP), reintroducing foods right and left, and keeping my Crohn’s disease totally in check. I even had the draft half written last

30 Days of Gratitude – Week 1

As the trees change their wardrobe to the beautiful gold and red of autumn and the days get crisper and shorter, it is natural for us to start turning within and take some time to consider that which is most important. Unfortunately, it seems that the official

30 Days of Gratitude – Day 1

I feel like Thanksgiving is under attack and I wish people would rush to its defense like they do for other holidays. It used to be one of only a couple days the entire year when you could count on all absolutely non-essential businesses being closed, which

Gutsy’s Grab Bag – October, 2013

Can you believe the end of October is already upon us? The fall colors are in their full glory here in Virginia and the air temperature is getting crisp. There is so much to love about autumn… the changing leaves, the shortening day length, and the dropping

Update: 60 Days on Autoimmune Paleo Protocol for Crohn’s Disease

It has now been 60 days since I started the autoimmune paleo protocol (AIP) and I am happy to report that over the last 30 days I have begun reintroducing foods, mostly with success. I’m feeling great, I’ve gained another 2 pounds (finally back to the baseline